Spring 2011 Yamnuska Update

Andy has provided a comprehensive update to the 2006 Edition of Yamnuska Rock.  It covers all additions and topo submissions between 2006 and spring 2011.
Each section can be downloaded as a high resolution PDF suitable for printing.  Files are up to 40MB each so be a little patient.
Intro to the Spring 2011 Update
Section 1 - West End Update
Section 2 - CMC Wall
Section 3 - Bottleneck & Grillmair Sectors
Section 4 - The Bowl Area / Yellow Edge
Section 5 - East End
Section 6 - Mt Doom
All photos, drawings, & written materials contained within these linked files update are Copyright © of Ghost River Productions & Andy Genereux. This update is intended for individual climbers for their personal use and may not be distributed, reproduced or used in any other publication without written permission

Route Location: