In Memoriam Matt Snell

Matt Snell was a talented and creative member of the mountain community here in the Bow Valley.  Despite only moving to Alberta in 2017 he rapidly built an amazing portfolio of photos, photos that expressed his passion and admiration for the landscape and mountains here.  He was an equally passionate climber.

With deepest regrets, Matt passed away in an accident on June 8th, 2018 while climbing on Tunnel Mountain in Banff.

As his family wrote:

"We want to call this mountain a beast for taking our son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend to so many," they wrote.
"But we can’t — Matthew loved these mountains. These majestic beauties."
“He loved the challenge … but this passion is what would steal him from us.”

During their visits to Banff, they’d also been impressed by how his new home had inspired an affinity for nature.

“When we visited we easily saw his respect for nature and wildlife. He educated us,” they wrote. “He was our hiking guide. He opened up our eyes to be so grateful for all this natural beauty.”

Snell had become a noted photographer, capturing images of the Rockies, said Meghan Ward, who worked on promoting his work.

“He was a highly respected photographer at a young age,” she said. “He really found a passion for life in the mountains and embraced everything they had to offer.” 
Matt had been chosen to contribute his work to a photo album being assembled by Crowfoot Media, Canadian Rockies Annual, Volume 3.

Recognizing his chosen passions and with understanding for his friends’ feeling of loss, Matt’s parents Sandra & Dwayne have kindly requested that, in lieu of placing flowers at a memorial, those who wished to show their appreciation for Matt’s life, and sympathy for his family, could donate to The Association of Bow Valley Rock Climbers. 
TABVAR members are touched by the Snell family’s gesture, and we promise to honour its intent of making the Bow Valley area a safer place to climb.


Donations can be made here.  

Please mention Matt in the comments so we can properly attribute the donations.