Mt. Baldy Crag - New Routes

Danile Larsen writes:

There is a new route, Aeden's Adventure, 10a, 25m at the north west end of the area, around the corner and up the drainage about 50 m on the left. Comments on the route and on the grading are welcomed. Cheers, happy climbing

1. "Smoking Gun" 5.9+ 18m
(between "B. unknown" and "C. Close the Barn Door", SCCR, 6 ed., p. 310)
2. "Finn's Frolic" 5.10a 12m
(between "J. Leedo's Shuffle" and "K. unknown", SCCR, 6 ed., p. 310)
3. "Aeden's Adventure" 5.10a 25m
(between "L. Freyja and Cora's Delight" and "M. unknown", SCCR, 6 ed., p. 310)
4. "Cedar City" 5.7 60m 3 pitches (1: 15m 5.6, 2: 15m 5.6/incl. protected 5m class IV scramble, 3: 30m 5.7; protected walk-off recommended)
(up and right of "M unknown", SCCR, 6 ed., p. 310). If it's sunny bring a camera.
5. "Oliveritas" 5.10b 28m
(100 m up and N.E. on the main Mt. Baldy Scramble trail, right to the obvious and opposing wall, follow the wall left, up and east about 300m
to the end and on far left)
6. "Sigh of Relief" 5.10c 30m
(5m right of "Oliveritas" / tribute to rescue staff re successful air-evac going on behind on Mt. Baldy during bolting)

This brings total number of climbs in the area to 21 not including the 2 pre-existing bolted teaching climbs directly opposite the main crag. Everywhere in this whole area is a helmet area.

Route Location: