Atlantis Wall Update - Echo Canyon

From Greg Tos via the TABVAR Facebook page:

Right Side:

This is the most popular zone in Echo Canyon. The 1:20 min walk is worth the effort.
This is the right side of the sector with the longest of the routes and some of the best.
A' Spicy Elephant 12c, 27m
A Spicy Elephant ext 13b, 42m
B Diamonds on the Inside 13b, 45m
C' Better Way 12c, 27m
(note: Bow Valley Sport guide shows an anchor lower on this line, Runaway Lane 11d. It has been removed)
C Better Way ext 13b, 48m
D Stone Temple Pilots 13d, 48m (13c to first anchor)
E' Living the Dream 12d, 25m
E Living the Dream ext 13c, 48m
F' Romancing the Stone 12d, 25m
F Romancing the Stone ext proj.(If you have climbed all the other lines on the wall you can give it a try, probably 13b or c, I might get around to it this year)
G' Burn One Down 12d, 25m
G Burn One Down ext 13a, 42m
H Back of Beyond 12b, 30m (Caution!! Tie a not on the end of 60m rope and back clip to get to the ledge on this one)


This is the middle portion of the wall. There are a few linkups/variations here. I will try to be as clear as I can.

A - Midget 11b 12m
B - Burn to Shine 12d 35m
C - All You Can Eat 12c 25m
C' - All You Can Eat 11d 25m (Start on Atlantis, traverse left after fifth bolt, extra bolt there for the traverse)
C'' - All You Can Eat ext. proj.
D - Atlantis 12c 25m
D' - Atlantis ext. 45m open proj. 14?
E - Bone Thief 12c 25m
E' -Bone Thief ext 14a 45m
F - Buffet Royal ext.1 13c 45m (Note, 13c version traverses left at the top to join Atlantis. It makes sense when you are there)
F' - Buffet Royal ext.2 (Arron's original direct vision/finish) open proj. 14?
F" - Buffet Royal P1 12a 25m
G - Spicy Elephant 12c 25m
G' - Spicy Elephant ext. 13b 45m
One very classy linkup I forgot to mark on the topo is between Bone Thief and Buffet Royal. You climb to the first anchor on BT (E) and then move over to BR. (F) - Royal Boner 13d 45m


This portion of wall has quiet few new additions and link ups and variations. All are of high quality. It can be a bit confusing but I hope this update will help.

A- Chicken Pot Pie ~12c.
B- The Divide 12a (the extension has been done and goes at 12a)
C- Rozgrzewka 11c 43m (you can finish on anchor E at 27m, 11-)
D- Jump to The Pump 12d (You can start this one where you like, its about the top anyway)
E- Pump Up The Jam 11a
F- Funky Bunch 10c
G- Fresh Prince 13a
H- Skinny Prince 13a+
J'- Skinny Love 12c 25m
J- Skinny Love ext. 13c 30m
K- Toxicity 12d
I- Bugs Life 12b
L- My Two Bits 12b
M- Bingo Bongo 12c
N- FFAntom Love 11d
O- Respected Silence 12c