The Shield Area Update - Echo Canyon

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From Greg Tos via the TABVAR Facebook page:

The Shield area (page 160,161 Bow Valley Sport)
This little gem of a spot is often overlooked but offers a great spectrum of grades of routes with five star quality. Perfect in Spring and Fall. Gets sun from 9:30 till 4:00.

A - Caramel Macchiato 10a
B - No Love 11b
C - Watchman 11c
D - Bench With a View 11b
E - Aarongone 11d
F - Younger Then Yesterday 13d (marked #18 in BVS)
G - proj
H - proj
I - Bob Lob Law 13b
K - proj
J - Power of Youth 12b
M - Wasted on the Way 12b
N - Tetris 12a