Takakkaw Falls

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From Chris Perry:

Takakkaw Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the Canadian Rockies with an
overall height of 380 m. There are a number of interesting climbs on the large cliff band left
of the falls and although the area is not strictly in Banff Park, it is only a short distance west
of Lake Louise and definitely worthy of inclusion. The most notable climb is the classic
Takakkaw Falls Route which follows a line immediately left of the falls. There are three
additional climbs on the wall left of this route, two of which are relatively modern and
appear to be of good quality. 

The geology of the cliff is interesting and there are three distinct layers of rock, all of which
belong to the Waterfowl Formation – see Handbook of the Canadian Rockies. The lower
part is dolomite which often gives good climbing, as mentioned in the Castle Mountain
chapter. Above that is a 30 m band of shale which the falls have eroded to form a large
“rooster tail” and then an upper layer of limestone where the cave passage lies.

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