Prairie Creek

A number of link-ups have been established on Petra (Prairie Creek. p. 326). Some of these are reported to be "better" than the original climbs as shown on the topo in the guidebook.

1. Swimming to Cambodia, 13a. Start on Bible Prophecy, traverse left at the bulge past a connecting bolt into Mighty Expectations. Continue left into A67 to finish.
2. Saint Daren, 12a. Same start as Bible Prophecy. Once on Mighty, finish as per that route.
3. Bible Juice, 12c. Same start as Bible Prophecy. Up and traverse left to where Booty Juice meets. Finish on that line.
4. Saint Ryan, 12a. The opposite of St Daren; traversing (right) at the same point on the wall.
5. 67 Booooties, 12c. Start on A67. Continue right at the large pod and up to finish on Booty Juice.
6. A1, 13a. Start on A67. Traverse right after the high shallow pocket Vulcan-grip crux on A67 (7th bolt), falling into the crux of Booty Juice with which you finish. Spicy, depending on clipping choices.
7. Heavy Expectations, 12d. Start on A67. Traverse right after the Vulcan move as per A1. Finish on Mighty Expectations.
8. 67 Shags, 13a. Start on A67. Traverse left into Deep Shag before the last bolt on A67. Awkward and a bit spicy depending on which bolts you clip (or neglect to clip).
9. 57th Expectation, 12b. Start on A67. Climb into the big pod and finish right on Mighty Expectations.

Heavy Wetting has effectively been superseded by the more direct climb A67.

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