White Buddha

Brown Trout - This bolted route is a continuation of the boulder problem
Trout Fishing in America. From the finishing pocket on that problem,
continue out left for 4 bolts to an anchor. ~12b from the sitdown start.

Hammer Royale - This is another bolted route which starts as a boulder
problem. Begin at the far left end of The Fishing Hole where it is possible
to step onto the rock and start with a no hands rest. Begin traversing into
the start of If Brad Had A Hammer and all the way across The Fishing Hole
area generally using the finishing holds of most of the problems there
(Right Potato, Trout Fishing etc.) eventually gaining the infamous "puking
bucket" on the far right wall and the first clip. Follow 5 bolts (traverse,
then up) through the small roof above Talking Shit to a ring anchor. ~12d

Route Location: